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“We hired Jordan to do a partial basement development. When we started looking into the process, we found it very daunting. Jordan came and met with my wife and I and prepared a plan that fit our budget and needs. He really put our minds at ease about the costs and process. We were even more impressed by his management of the project itself. We had a 10-week timeline in place and they finished well ahead of that time. Jordan and Amanda are also great at communication when it came to choosing fixtures and paint, etc. We always knew we had them there to assist us along the way. It was very comforting to hire a company where the owner is present through the entire project rather than just subbing out the work and never showing up.

 Communication was very thorough. We never had to wait on things or deal with subs. Jordan had a team that knew what to expect on our site when they arrived. If there was a need for after hours work, we always got plenty of notice and they even asked for our approval to have workers present after hours.

 Krawchuk was very reliable and always on time.

 The site was always kept clean and safe for my family. Jordan has very high standards and it showed in the work site. Trades would always clean up after themselves right away and we always had minimal disturbance in our living area.

 We are extremely happy with the final project. We will be getting Jordan to finish the rest of our basement when we are ready for that stage.”

– Warren and Lana

Paton – Complete Basement Development

“Although the renovation went extremely well, at times we did feel some anxiety because we have never done any type of renovation except painting and building a deck or fence, which is nothing like moving out of a kitchen for two months but still living in the house.  We did not know what to really expect and we did learn a lot about how a reno proceeds.  The great thing was that Jordan and Amanda looked after every detail and we trusted them to do a great job, which they did!

All communication was excellent – we were happy to not have to coordinate the sub trades – Krawchuk did an excellent job of scheduling the work with all the trades so the job got done on time.  Even with us changing the paint colour, they were able to work with the paint team to redo the paint job in a very timely fashion with no project delays.

Jordan and Amanda went above and beyond what we expected to be here when they said they would be and they had all the other workers here as needed.

Job site was always clean – at times made me crazy but I have never lived in a construction zone before so my husband kept telling me to not worry about it.  It was always a safe job site and that is what is most important. Amanda & Jordan did an excellent final cleaning of the site once it was complete – so clean we barely had to do any cleaning before we moved our belongings back in.

We are extremely satisfied with the final product – I still pinch myself every time I walk into my new kitchen – I can’t quite believe it is the same house we have lived in for twelve years – not quite sure why we waited so long to do the renovation.”

– Tim & Janet

Tobin – Complete Kitchen Renovation –  Main Floor Restructure/Engineer

“I had interviewed several contractors before I decided on hiring Krawchuk Construction. I went with Jordan because he made me feel comfortable and his background gave him a big advantage.

Communication was excellent throughout the process. I would get emails, texts and phone calls keeping me informed about what was happening. With regards to being reliable and on time…very much so.  And great customer service.

They did a good job of keeping the mess contained to the work area.

Lots of contractors do good work but what matters is how they handle things when something goes wrong. Jordan and the people he works with really stepped up when things went wrong. Due to a defective tile product, the project took a turn that none of us were happy about. Jordan was by my side the whole time; keeping me informed and making sure I was happy. My interests were his main concern. It’s good to know there are hard working, honest and reliable people out there.

Thinking about the final product…the bathroom looks great. It’s a little different than what I first envisioned but thanks to the advice of Jordan and Amanda it came together beautifully in the end.  Thank you Jordan and Amanda, It was a pleasure working with you both.”

– Marie

Brightsand – Bathroom complete renovation

“I think Krawchuk Construction is great! We are very happy with the work they did on our basement. They fully developed our basement from start to finish. The project [area] was safe and kept clean, and they did a very good job. I found them very reliable and on time, and their communication was excellent…these guys know what they are doing and they are very good at what they do! I really appreciate the specific attention to detail.”

– Aaron

Atton – Complete Basement Development

“It was a learning curve for us as we didn’t know the building process and we were wanting to build a oversized double garage in our backyard. Jordan was a great teacher to us! We sensed his patience with us, saw his gift of organization plus professionalism. We felt he knew the right people not only to get the job done, but to get it done well. Our communication was clear as he’d review our conversations to ensure we both were on the same page.

Excellent contractor…and very respectful.

Regarding contractor communication we felt “taken care of”, we didn’t have to worry about following up with any sub contractors, and we didn’t have any worries about any of the building materials being poor quality.

We were very impressed with the reliability and punctuality of Krawchuk Construction Inc.

We are absolutely happy with regards to the final product and end result of our project!”

– Carol & Roger

Moxon – Complete Garage Development

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