Saskatoon Coverlink Cork

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Why Choose Coverlink Cork?

It's so much more than just structure beautification!

Coverlink Cork is the latest in technology, most eco-friendly, and durable architectural finish for buildings It is used for structure beautification and protection, both indoors and out!

Certified saskatoon thermal cork spray installers

Why is Coverlink Cork the BEST surface finishing product?

Thermal Barrier

Coverlink Cork is a natural thermal barrier that greatly reduces heat or cold from penetrating into or escaping from your structure.

Fire Retardant

Cork is naturally fire retardant; it will not release incandescent particles nor will the flames propagate. Thermal Cork is currently rated at a Class ‘B’, but work is ongoing to have the rating changed to Class ‘A’.

Acoustic Insulation

Sound is reduced up to 18 decibels with Thermal Cork.

10 Year Warranty

Offering a 10 year warranty when applied by our certified Thermal Cork application specialists!

Improved Home Exterior

Cork adds beautiful texture to your home, making it stand out for years to come! Available in 20 stock colours, with custom colours available upon request! Cork is versatile and can be applied to brick, wood, stucco, steel, aluminum, plywood, and shingles in any environment!

Lowers Utility Bills

When Vipeq Thermal Cork Shield is applied to the surface of your home or business, it creates a thermal barrier that keeps the weather outside. This leads to lower utility bills month after month.

Eliminates Maintenance

The proprietary formula that was developed over years of research has allowed our product not only to keep out the elements but also hold its shape and colour. We guarantee that you will see no more than 1% fade in the colour each year!

It is durable and lightweight, since 88% of it’s volume is air. And cork is naturally mould resistant!


Cork is eco-friendly and is a renewable resource. Cork bark grows very thick and can be harvested for use, and the bark replenishes and regrows. No trees are cut down to make the product.

Certified saskatoon Coverlink thermal cork spray installers
Certified saskatoon Coverlink thermal cork spray installers exterior surfaces
Certified saskatoon Coverlink thermal cork spray installers roof tiles